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      International conference: biomass energy and environmental engineering

北京化工大学生物质能源与环境工程研究中心特邀四位外籍专家Jules van Lier, Irini Angelidaki, Thierry Arnaud, Merle de Kreuk来校讲座,主要内容包括国内外生物质能源研究进展及前景、生物质气相关研究与应用、生物方法在处理工业废水中的技术研究、厌氧与好氧生物法在水处理中的应用等。


讲座人:Dr. Jules van Lier; Dr. Irini Angelidaki; Dr. Thierry Arnaud; Dr.Merle de Kreuk

Dr. Jules van Lier is the professor at the Section Sanitary Engineering of Delft University of Technology. Dr. Jules van Lier published over 200 scientific publications in peer reviewed journals and over 400 publications in conference proceedings and scientific books from 1988 onwards. Dr. Jules van Lier’s research interest comprises the development of cost-effective technologies for wastewater treatment, recovering resources such as water, nutrients, biogas from waste streams.

Dr. Irini Angelidaki is the professor at the Dept. of Environmental Engineering of Technical University of Denmark. Dr. Angelidaki received Brinchs Prize in 2011, and became the member of the committee at the Danish Research Council, the European Research Council, also the chairman for the panel “Products and Processes” for the Swedish Danish Research Council. Dr. Angelidaki’s research focus on biogas, biohydrogen, bioethanol, biorefinery, microbial fuel cell and monitoring.

Dr. Thierry Arnaud is the director of Biothane-Veolia Water Technology Techno Center, Delft, Netherlands. Dr. Arnaud obtained his PhD in Process Engineering in France. Currently his research mainly include: research and development of innovative technologies for wastewater and biogas treatment, instrumentation and applications of anaerobic biotechnologies in industrial wastewater.

Dr. Merle de Kreuk is the professor at the Section Sanitary Engineering. In Dr. Kreuk’s current profession, she focus on (municipal and industrial) wastewater treatment systems and anaerobic processes. The main topics of her research are hydrolysis processes in anaerobic treatment and aerobic and anaerobic granule formation processes.