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【讲座预告】Prospects for improving indoor solid-fuel burning

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报告题目:Prospects for improving indoor solid-fuel burning

报告人:Tami C. Bond (美国伊利诺伊香槟分校)

时间:5月22日(周二) 14:00-15:30



Three billion people burn solid fuel to cook and heat. Four million people die prematurely because of exposure to particulate matter emissions from this burning every year. These impressive statistics have garnered donor attention, motivated design of combustion devices, and prompted intervention programs large and small.

The simple nature of the “three-stone fire” and the relative poverty of its users initially fooled engineers and implementers into believing a massive transformation was near. Engineering designs have been substantially improved, but actual use of cleaner-burning solid-fuel stoves has taken hold more slowly. Why does a major public health problem still exist, if the solutions are simple? On the technical side, burning a complex fuel without initial distillation is a difficult problem. More importantly, the humble cookstove is embedded in a web of systems: technology support, household interactions, user limitations and ambitions, physical resources, and expectations from the international community. Meeting the challenge of providing clean energy for everyone will require engineers to be both technical experts and systems thinkers.


Tami Bond教授是伊利诺伊大学香槟分校土木与环境工程的特聘教授。她的研究涉及能源使用、工程决策、大气成分和全球气候变化等。她的团队在世界各地对污染排放进行了相关的研究。担任美国国家科学院大气化学未来专家组成员,以及ISO清洁炉灶和清洁烹饪解决方案工作组的召集人。